Silk Only

Silk Only


What You Get

  • Medium Stretch (Nylon)

Due to many types of overhead environments, Stardust Fitness, LLC. does not provide or sell ceiling hardware. For your convenience, we have created a page with instructions for setting up your overhead environment. We suggest you consult with a licensed contractor.

We ship within 3-4 days, but depending on inventory, it can take up to 2 weeks. Returns and exchanges only within 14 days of receipt and only for completely unused products. A 15% restocking fee will apply. We do not provide shipping expenses for returns.

International Orders: At this time we can only fulfill requests with shipping within the US or Canada. For international orders please email: to facilitate this process.

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Why Use Ceiling Hooks

  • Industrial-strength, ironclad design for security

  • Simple, stylish solution for mounting

  • Once installed, they blend in with any room

  • Works in either concrete or wood (bolts included for both)

  • Affordable

Requirements For Setup

  • A measuring tape

  • A pen

  • A step ladder

  • A hammer drill if mounting in concrete or a standard high-powered drill if mounting in wood

  • For concrete, you’ll need a 6 mm concrete drill bit and a 12 mm bit to create the bolt holes; for wood, you’ll want to drill pilot holes with a 6 mm wood bit

IMPORTANT: Safety Warning

Hanging upside down is potentially dangerous. Were you to fall or slip, or were your mounting setup to fail, you risk serious bodily harm. Use at your own risk and always consult with a professional contractor for all mounting of hooks and bolts to ensure your setup can support at least three times your body weight. Thoroughly test your setup before each use and always err on the side of caution. Not intended for swinging, aerial acrobatics, or for use higher than 120 cm off the ground. Do not hang your equipment from a pressure-mounted pull-up bar (the common type with no screws). Do not hang your equipment from a beam or tree branch that has not been professionally weight-tested. If in doubt, refrain from use, do not invert, or use as a suspension trainer only (with your feet on the ground).