Stardust Mind + Body = Alignment

our Vision for you…

Imagine a practice where living a life without pain physically and mentally exist.

when your mind and body are living in alignment with your age and current lifestyle. when picking up a heavy box, wearing heels, going skiing, bouncing and jumping at the park with your kids, friends, pets, it’s actually a REAL possibility . Getting real means having a practice where you are physically healthy and at the same time having an honest relationship with yourself, A life without pain or Limitations.

We can show you the way...all you have to do is Show Up….

The Program

Certification Dates: October 25th - 27th

32 Hours of total immersion:

  • 3 Days / 24 Hours of in-person Aerial Yoga Instruction with Johanna Eckardt

  • 8 Hours of e-Learning Aerial Yoga Online

After completing this course you will understand the fundamentals of Aerial Yoga Movement. The certification will leave you confident leading or practicing a safe and fun Aerial Yoga Movement class.

Most importantly - you will know how to structure and create a cohesive, well-rounded aerial yoga class, acquire an understanding of aerial yoga and fitness philosophy, and have the confidence and tools to begin teaching MBA style.

e-Learning Aerial Yoga Online

  • $19.99/month Instructor Tools subscription must be maintained while you are teaching (Instructor Tools includes: MBA Online, Monthly Instructor Sequencing and Marketing Materials).

    You are not required to re-certify to maintain your teaching eligibility once you have attended a MBA Aerial Fitness Certification.

Day Two Schedule

  • Create a basic class structure

  • Explore your ideal student and create your own class atmosphere

  • Set goals for your own Aerial Yoga Teacher journey

  • Assemble music playlists

  • Create an Aerial Yoga FUN Flow 1 Class

  • Create an Aerial Yoga Flow 1 Class

Day One Schedule

  • Deconstruct equipment and equipment safety practices according to industry Aerial Yoga

  • Explore deeper anatomy and safe aerial practices

  • Identify Aerial Yoga concepts and basic vocabulary

  • Breakdown Aerial Yoga poses and demonstrate each pose safely

  • Explore sequencing and how to change a basic class into an Aerial Yoga FUN Flow

  • Recognize basic safety cuing and alignment

  • Discover how to assist students in the air

  • Review prenatal practices

Benefits of Teaching Aerial Yoga Fitness

  • Change Student’s Lives: We believe that Aerial Fitness is one of the best modalities of exercise for yogis of all fitness levels. The benefits for students with back pain, limitation of flexibility, and weak core muscle are countless. Aerial Yoga Fitness offers a transformative approach to strengthening all of the key functional areas of your body.

  • Share the Benefits of Inversions with Everyone: Inversions have never been more popular in yoga, but most students can’t perform even a simple headstand, so they skip these poses and miss out on both the health benefits and the fun of going upside down. When taught correctly, people of all ages can experience inversion therapy using the Yoga Trapeze and eventually build the strength needed to progress to mat-based inverted poses.

  • Build Your Yoga Practice: Aerial Fitness has quickly become one of the leading edge modalities of yoga instruction. Traditional yoga will always be at the center of yoga practices; aerial yoga fitness is a modality that practitioners will love and gain great affection for. Being an instructor of this modality - your practice will quickly grow. As an instructor, you will attract new students and they’ll have yet another great reason to give yoga a try.

  • Create Your Schedule: The ability to set your own schedule is one of the biggest benefits of working as a yoga teacher. As a certified Aerial Yoga Fitness instructor, you can choose to work full-time or part-time.

  • Travel & Teach Anywhere: If you’re interested in traveling and teaching in different cities and even different countries, teaching yoga is the career for you. More and more opportunities arise every day, and for adventurous people, there are so many options.

  • Earn a Great Salary: You can make a great career from teaching yoga. When you teach highly specialized modalities in your practice, you’ll typically make as much as senior-level teachers of other styles; and your private session rates will be comparable to that of a massage therapist or chiropractor.


move with us….


Travel Information South Florida

South Florida is one of the most sought out travel destinations in the world. With it’s year round sunny landscape and immersive latin culture - you can be sure to expect a wonderful time during your certification days. You will find culture, music, food destinations, and diverse communities of locals. Enjoy the vibrant colors and delightful tastes and smells of one of the world’s most exciting places to visit. It’s a no brainer why we have chosen to host our founding certification program course in an amazing and breath-taking destination.

Some Places To Visit

We recommend some of these great destinations as you come to complete your Aerial Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Miami Beach

  • Bayside Marketplace

  • Hollywood Boardwalk

  • Downtown Ft. Lauderdale / Las Olas